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1  Everything Else / hsfan's Off Topic / Re: When my California day is done....I turn to this video for relaxation.... on: May 07, 2015, 09:42:27 AM you even more jealous....

And the weather you ask?  Thumbs Up

glady take an average of 78 and 75 in july and august!  Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
2  Everything Else / hsfan's Off Topic / Re: When my California day is done....I turn to this video for relaxation.... on: May 07, 2015, 09:40:46 AM
sold! looking at real estate now!
3  Everything Else / College and Pros / Re: Just a quick update on Trevor... on: May 03, 2015, 06:18:10 PM
all the best for trevor this season!

 Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
4  Everything Else / College and Pros / go seattle on: May 03, 2015, 02:24:26 AM
seahawks sign 34 year old long snapper and  former green beret nate boyer!  Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
5  Everything Else / College and Pros / Re: How Is Your Team Doing In the NFL Draft? on: May 03, 2015, 02:21:29 AM
matt darr, former frontier punter/lb signs with miami as undrafted fa. congrats matt!
6  Everything Else / College and Pros / Re: cody temple making the most of his opportunity on: April 16, 2015, 08:18:31 AM
cool story about cody and his hair  Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
7  Everything Else / College and Pros / cody temple making the most of his opportunity on: March 30, 2015, 02:46:07 AM
hope he puts it all together this season
8  Central Section / Central Section Football / Re: 2015 non league schedules on: March 21, 2015, 09:56:08 PM
For Liberty, I know mission viejo and arroyo grande. Not sure if Buchanan, central, ridgeview are being renewed.
9  Everything Else / hsfan's Off Topic / long but good read on: March 18, 2015, 04:30:31 PM
inside account of charlie sheen from jon cryer
10  Central Section / Central Section Football / Re: Bakersfield Christian on: March 18, 2015, 09:02:58 AM
Hey Guys, thank you for all the words of encouragement

A few things:

1: Im not here to bash BCHS.  The story says it all, and I don't think I need to say anymore.  I want to thank BCHS for the opportunity, that they gave me.  I was allowed to rebuild a program, and ultimately rebuild me there.  That does not go unnoticed by myself or my family.

2:  I am proud of what my staff and I accomplished.  I am proud of the young men we have turned out into society.  I have received more messages in the last day from my old players that just say thank you.  They all thought I was a SOB at the time, but now realize that everything we did was life oriented, and Life is a SOB.  The biggest thing that showed me this, is that yesterday I spoke to the team at morning workouts.  I was done speaking and had only lost it emotionally a few times (partly because I was up all night thinking what I wanted to say).  But, as I was walking around shaking each kids hand and thanking them for allowing me to coach them.  In walks Grant Bouma, who knew what was going to happen that morning and I had told him not to come, but he did anyways. I lost it when I saw him.  Because, his gesture is why I do what I do and why coaches do what they do.  It's about relationships!! It's about having your hand on young men's lives, it's about molding young men into God fearing, respectful men.  Many times this includes tough love, many times this includes being more than a coach, many times this means cutting ties and teaching them hard lessons, many times this means just sitting down and listening over a soda. This is what coaching is about....winning and losing is just a by product of doing the right things and even then that is not a guarantee.

3:  To the guys on the team.  Keep the program together. You all have to band together and realize that this team and program is about you.  Coaches come and go, admin comes and go.  But the brotherhood you have stays and lives forever.  It's why Grant took you after I left and said," Coach would want you to work out"  and led you through a morning work out.  I still believe God has a plan for your team, and I hope he uses this opportunity to raise up the leaders in you, that I know are in you.  Stay true to yourself, speak truth to each other.  If there is anything you have learned from me is that if you come from a place of truth, there is nothing you can't stand on.  The Lord calls you to be bold in your faith, be bold.  Good Luck Eagles next year.  I look forward to watching all of you do great things.

Jerald Pierucci


 Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
11  Central Section / Central Section Football / Re: Bakersfield Christian on: March 17, 2015, 02:26:07 PM
This is odd, if they were unhappy with the way the season or program was heading why not make the change back in Nov?

exactly. not going to speculate, coach is on here, if he wants to talk he will.
12  Central Section / Central Section Football / Re: Liberty LB a legit, top ranked recruit prospectů the real deal on: March 15, 2015, 10:08:38 PM
Article says they offered in January but yesterday he said he's happy to announce his 17th offer from ucla and he has committed.
13  Central Section / Central Section Football / Re: Liberty LB a legit, top ranked recruit prospectů the real deal on: March 15, 2015, 10:06:56 PM
Apparently a dream come true. From Trevor horn of the Californian:

"Krys Barnes was a UCLA fan since he could walk.

Now the Liberty junior inside linebacker is making his life-long dream come true.

After a whirlwind three months where Barnes received over a dozen offers from USC to LSU, the Liberty junior verbally committed to UCLA on Saturday.

"It's been my dream school since I was little," Barnes said. "To finally be a Bruin is an opportunity I can't miss."

Barnes first offer came from Boise State in November, and from there, the flood gates opened.

In January, UCLA, USC and Oregon all offered Barnes within a two day span.

"I chose UCLA because of the whole family aspect and the opportunity to actually get playing time," Barnes said. "All of the coaches are showing the true meaning of family and it's just a place I fell in love with."

Barnes had 130 tackles, one sack and an interception in 2014, helping Liberty advance to the Central Section Division I championship game in December.

"We are very excited for Krys and his family," Liberty football coach Bryan Nixon said. "This is a dream come true for him. It's an amazing opportunity for him to be able to play football and get his degree from UCLA. It's a great day for him, UCLA and Liberty."

On March 8 at Redondo Union High School, Barnes received a rating of 87.6 at Nike's The Opening combine.

That was the 50th best rating at the combine and the seventh best by all linebackers from all over the West Coast.

UCLA linebackers coach Scott White recruited Barnes. The Bruins went 10-3 overall and 6-3 in the Pac-12 and beat Kansas State 40-35 in the Alamo Bowl."
14  Central Section / Central Section Football / Re: Liberty LB a legit, top ranked recruit prospectů the real deal on: March 14, 2015, 04:15:51 PM
Lucky number 17 for krys is ucla and he has verbally committed! Congrats krys!!  Thumbs Up
15  Everything Else / College and Pros / Re: NFL Free Agents and Trades on: March 10, 2015, 09:25:49 PM
Gore wasn't released. He was a free agent & signed with Indy because he wants to win. That seems to be something the front office in Santa Clara doesn't care about anymore.

Especially if they deal kap for Bradford. That's the latest story I read. Still think chip is making a play to move up for Mariota, which IMO he had a better chance of doing with McCoy and foles as trade package and not injury riddled sam Bradford.
16  Everything Else / College and Pros / Re: Westbrook or Curry? on: March 09, 2015, 04:45:42 PM
recent seasons, curry. now westbrook, no question. take curry away from golden state, they're in the playoffs. westbrook is keeping okc in the chase without kd. take westbrook away, and the thunders playoffs are done by now.

off topic kinda...but westbrook triple doubles (7) or knicks wins (12)...who has more at the end of the season?
17  Everything Else / College and Pros / you might be cool.... on: March 08, 2015, 08:04:33 AM
but you'll never be daniel norris with a multi million dollar contract, living in a van, shaving with a hatchet, cool.
18  Everything Else / hsfan's Off Topic / Re: FRIDAY FUNNY on: February 28, 2015, 01:11:19 AM
A mother-in-law stopped by unexpectedly the recently married couple's house. She knocks on the door, then immediately walks in. She is shocked to see her daughter-in-law lying on the couch, totally naked.
"What are you doing?" she asked.
"I'm waiting for Jeff to come home from work," the daughter-in-law answered.
"But you're naked!" the mother-in-law exclaimed.
"This is my love dress," the daughter-in-law explained.
"Love dress? But you're naked!"
"Jeff loves me to wear this dress! It makes him happy and it makes me happy."
The mother-in-law on the way home thought about the love dress. When she got home she got undressed, showered, put on her best perfume and expectantly waited for her husband, lying provocatively on the couch.
Finally her husband came home. He walked in and saw her naked on the couch.
"What are you doing?" he asked.
"This is my love dress," she replied.
"Needs ironing," he says" "What's for dinner?"
19  Everything Else / hsfan's Off Topic / Re: what say you? on: February 27, 2015, 04:11:18 AM
when i posted this, it was white and gold, now i'm seeing blue and black lol
20  Everything Else / hsfan's Off Topic / what say you? on: February 27, 2015, 02:08:30 AM
the internet about broke over this. white and gold or blue and black? i'm white and gold

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