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good god



He looks athletic.  Pat Hill should have snagged this guy.

OCV has one similar, 30 years ago.

Go back to 1978.  4 years after the infamous category FIVE tornado that wiped out half the city of Xenia, OH(and sent me to the hospital as i was on my paper route, getting hit with baseball size hail balls on my bike, some of which my sister still has saved)  Xenia HS had a 6'6, 385 lb offensive/defensive tackle named Vernon Broadnax.  I got to play 3 plays against him at the end of the game. 
Sports Illustrated did a write up on him in 1978, and they named him MOUNT VERNON


He ended up growing to 6'8, and finished his playing career at Murray State in KY, at 6'8', 425 lbs(Officially, but others had him at 6'10, until he started shrinking due to size and gravity).  His freakin brother, VAUGHN Broadnax, who started at FULLBACK for OHIO STATE in the early 80's, actually tore my ACL in a game 2 years after i went up against his MOUNTAIN BROTHER.

Here is a picture of Vernon now, receiving an award for the KY dept of corrections.


This was 30 years ago, and he was the largest football player in the country in HS, larger than any College/Pro player anywhere.  He made Refrigerator Perry look tiny.  He got up on the line, looked at me and said "dont make this hard on yourself, little man" 


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